New! Updated with Figma 2023 Updates!

Learn how to design beautiful UIs in Figma with our interactive course platform.

16 hours of video instruction
38 tests
22 challenges


New! Coding Assistant ChatGPT Integrated

Learn how to build responsive layouts with Flexbox and the Grid with our interactive course platform.

Video instruction by Gary Simon
Interactive Tests
Code Challenges

Video-Only Courses?

Let's get interactive

Remember that time we only used horse and buggy to get around, and then we invented cars? Well, that time has arrived for online education.

While we still include video education, we also integrate custom modules that help you learn both design and code in an interactive setting.

Introducing your Teacher, Gary Simon

Gary has over 20 years experience as a UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer. After enjoying a freelance career that lasted over a decade, Gary’s content has reached millions of people and helped countless individuals establish careers.

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