The Pre-Launch has Closed

The pre-launch period of DesignCourse has ended. Memberships will be re-open on January 4th 2022 when DesignCourse is fully launched. You can visit the home page to enter your email to be notified when the launch occurs!

How does the Mentor program work?

The mentor program is a subscription service that renews every 3 months until you cancel (you can cancel at any time). When you participate in a design challenge module, you're able to submit your Figma prototype URL. At that point, within 48 to 72 hours, your work is reviewed in the form of comments, a rating, and sometimes design refactoring by Gary Simon. This feedback is essential and will help give you direct feedback based on your progress as a UI designer.

When I join DesignCourse, do I have permanent access?

Yes. When you pay the one time fee to access the course, you're granted access to all current, and future videos, design challenges and interactive tests.

Does DesignCourse also teach UX?

The curriculum is primarily focused on UI design, however there are many topics that overlap into UX design. Currently, there are no UX specific topics that pertain to research or testing. We plan to add this in the future.

Is there a DesignCourse Certification?

At the time of pre-launch, no. We may include a certification for Mentor students who complete the course during the official launch. If a certification is included, those who join during the pre-launch and become mentor students will be eligible to receive the certification. If you have question(s) that aren't addressed here, please contact us.