Freelancing doesn't have to be smoke & mirrors.

An exclusive 1-on-1 session and a personalized strategy guide for a successful freelance designer or developer career.

Gary Simon blowing away the smoke from his house

Gary Simon

Your coach

There are many paths to freelancing success.

A comprehensive plan including portfolio review, skillset review, and marketing.


Background & Goals

Fill out a questionnaire that will help me devise the best strategy possible.



Gary creates a strategy guide tailored to improving any skillset weaknesses, marketing & more.


The Meeting

A 45 minute Zoom meeting is scheduled where you talk with Gary directly.

No more guess-work and uncertainty.

The biggest factor that determine’s a person’s success is uncertainty. Why spend time doing something that might be a waste of time?

This coaching session is the answer to uncertainty. Whether you’re an aspiring designer who’s just getting their feet wet, or you’re a seasoned developer who wants to launch a freelance business -- you will walk away with a set of actionable tasks that will help jumpstart your career as a freelancer.

The Strategy Guide

Skill Assessment

If you’re lacking in any necessary skills, you’re given advice on how to attain these skills. If it’s design related, a portion of the live 1-on-1 can be designated for coaching.

Portfolio Review

Your portfolio is an essential element to establishing a successful freelance business. The strategy guide will note any areas of improvement, along with details on how to fix them.


You could have the greatest portfolio ever, but if you lack an understanding of internet marketing, you will never become successful. Based on your experience, the guide will inform you on how to effectively market your freelance business.

The Meeting

Leave the meeting with a game plan.

Gary Simon

Your Coach, Gary Simon

With over 25 years experience designing and building for the web, Gary has a wealth of knowledge to pass on.

Having worked with over 2,000+ clients and produced over 100 courses, every client will walk away with a plan predicated on experience.