Generative Video Course

Learn how to utilize generative AI's to create amazing multimedia experiences.

AI is here, and you can now generate short films & stories. That's exactly what you will learn to do in this 80 minute course.

Leverage the power of AI (GPT4, ElevenLabs, Midjourney & Kaiber) to produce the amazing video story shown above.

First, you will discover the full workflow used to create the PixelPeaks video, and then you will create your own project utilizing the same workflow.

  • Cost

    $30 $45

  • Length

    80 Minutes

  • Lessons

    8 Videos

Course Requirements

This course utilizes the following software & services. While most of these services offer free versions, you may need to upgrade to paid accounts in order to utilize their full features.

Introducing your Teacher, Gary Simon

Gary has over 20 years experience as a UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer. After enjoying a freelance career that lasted over a decade, Gary’s content has reached millions of people and helped countless individuals establish careers.

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